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Quick Start Program Features

HPN Inner CIrcle

Quick Start Program

Looking for the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to get started? Join our HPN Inner Circle Community TODAY!

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Our Quick Start Program Will Put You On The Path To ELITE


Signup for the HPN Inner Circle Community and choose a level to get access to all of our hockey performance nutrition resources in one easy to use app.

You’ll get instant access to sample meal plans, recipes, training and nutrition challenges, regular nutrition discussions and performance tips and much, much more!

Once a member you’ll be able to join exclusive groups and participate in Zoom-like age specific group discussions, workshops and Q&A events. Attend virtual meetups with other athletes to power accountability, share ideas and motivate and inspire one another.

Have a question that just can’t wait for the next Q&A event? You can simply use the “Ask the Coach” chat to get advice in real-time. Looking for the ultimate in personalized coaching, schedule a weekly virtual 1on1, just you and the coach to discuss your performance nutrition plan and progress.


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  • Weekly Nutrition And Dryland Training Challenges To Drive Progress Through Competition
  • Weekly 1-Day Sample Meal Plan, See How Our Top Athletes Eat
  • Weekly Performance Nutrition Tips To Help You Dominate Your Competition
  • Weekly Power Packed Recipes To Boost Performance On And Off The Ice
  • Direct Access To Other Elite Hockey Athletes Through Our Exclusive Membership Circles
  • Drop A Question in “Ask The Coach” Circle Anytime For Individual Support Directly From The Coach
  • Monthly Performance Nutrition Discussions With The Coach To Supercharge Your Results
  • Ambassador Opportunities Available For Top Athletes
  • Weekly 1on1 Meetup, Just You And The Coach To Discuss Your Program and Progress
  • Discounts On All Hockey Performance Nutrition Programs
  • Membership In One Of The Most Elite Hockey Communities!