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Experience our expertise and passion for building elite hockey athletes through player specific custom performance nutrition programs.

Hockey Specific Is The Difference

About Hockey Performance Nutrition

Want to be a more explosive skater? Need more strength and grit for winning battles? Wish you could maintain your stamina and recover faster for your next shift? These are just a few of the many things you’ll be able to achieve once you start taking your nutrition seriously. Hockey players have unique nutritional requirements that differ greatly from athletes in other sports.

“Eating Right” is great for in-house players or good players looking to improve their game but if you’re already a great player that is competing at the highest level and want to become a truly elite hockey athlete, a Hockey Specific Performance Nutrition Program is guaranteed to help get you there!

Our programs are specifically designed to maximize hockey performance and recovery while teaching the athlete not only the how but the why behind everything they are putting into their bodies. Our programs are not for casual players wanting to improve their game. We provide advanced nutritional strategies designed for high level players with the desire and drive to become elite hockey athletes.  We work with players as young as 12U all the way to the professional level.

This is not a one size fits all program. Your nutrition coach will work with you one on one customizing your meal plans, managing your macro and micro nutrient strategies, educating you on basic and advanced nutritional principles that apply to your specific needs and holding you accountable for your ultimate success.

Strong character, discipline, self motivation and a great work ethic are required for any athlete to participate in our programs.

For athletes under the age of 18, parent participation is required. Success for a youth athlete in our program is 100% dependent on a parents ability and readiness to be an active partner in the process. Not only are you as a parent responsible for making sure the proper foods and supplements are available, in most cases,  you’ll also be the one assisting in prepping food and making sure it is ready at all times based on your athletes needs and schedule.

If this sounds like what you or your youth athlete is looking for then take the next step and check out which one of our programs is right for you.

Meet the Coach

Terry Knealing CFT; SPN
ISSA, NASM, USA Hockey Certified Coach

Coach Terry is a lifelong athlete and serial entrepreneur. Growing up in Upstate New York is where Terry’s passion for hockey got its roots.  After multiple injuries sidelined his hockey career, it was time to shift gears.  Terry had a budding interest in Sports Performance and began his study of Exercise Science and Performance Nutrition. Soon enough Terry’s competitive nature and desire to push his own limits resurfaced and led to a 6-year career as a USA and World Competitive Bodybuilder.

Combining his love for health and fitness with his entrepreneurial talent in business and marketing, Terry built one of the largest performance training and nutrition companies in the Southwest, working with hundreds of athletes from high school to the professional level. Terry has assisted athletes from MLB, NHL, NFL, PGA, ATP, MMA, NCAA and NASCAR.

During this time, at the request of some Fortune 500 business leaders, Terry also began developing wellness programs that helped companies nationwide to lower healthcare costs and increase productivity of their employees through exercise and nutrition. He designed and developed an end to end, first of its kind, online coaching program allowing users to not only track daily activity and nutrition but also provided live coaching by certified health and fitness professionals. This online coaching program supported thousands of daily users and was featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Business Journals, FOX News and dozens of other media outlets.

This was the start of a 20+ year career of building and selling businesses across almost a dozen different verticals.

Today, working with ex-NHL and AHL players and also coaching his own two sons at the youth level, Terry has once again been drawn back into the world of performance nutrition. Recognizing the overwhelming need for quality nutrition education at all levels of hockey and the severe lack of actual hockey performance nutrition coaching available—Terry has launched a one of a kind, comprehensive, online, performance nutrition program designed to give hockey athletes everything they need to take their game to the elite level.

Welcome to Hockey Performance Nutrition.