Our Custom Programs Are Packed With Features


See All That Our Custom Programs Have to Offer


When it comes to features, our custom programs can’t be beat! We provide you with everything necessary to take your game to the elite level.

Scouting & Player Evaluation

A 60 minute Zoom/FaceTime call that allows your coach to collect necessary information about you so they can begin designing your custom performance nutrition program.

Coach’s Custom Meal Plan

Based on your Athlete Discovery Consultation your coach will design a custom meal plan for you to follow based on your individual needs and goals.

Hockey Evolution Nutrition Management

Your coach will grant you access to your own Hockey Evolution Nutrition Account. This is the software used to create your meal plans, track and monitor your progress and to make adjustments to optimize your programs performance.

Neutral Zone Food Swap

Within your Hockey Evolution Nutrition account your coach can give you the ability to exchange certain foods in a meal plan for other nutrient comparable foods.

Food Tracking Scoresheet

The athletes that have the most success the fastest, are the ones with the discipline and motivation to track their progress with the Food Tracking Log. Not only does this help your coach make proper adjustments more quickly but it holds you accountable to following the program.

Game Plan Grocery List

Every meal plan your coach provides you will also include a grocery list with the foods and amounts you’ll need to complete your meal preparation.

Power Play Recipes

Making meals taste great is a breeze with healthy and easy to follow recipe ideas based on your specific meal plan.

Meal Plan Updates

Your coach will provide you with new meal plans on a regular basis. Changing food choices not only provides variety but also allows your coach to dial in your macro and micro nutrient levels as your body adapts and demand levels change.

Nutrition Chalk Talk

Coach’s Nutrition Chalk Talk is the key to why our programs work where all others fail. Getting regular face time with your coach provides the personal connection and accountability necessary for an elite athlete to have success. Each scheduled Zoom/FaceTime call consists of three periods…

  1. The opportunity for you to give updates on your progress and receive feedback and adjustments from your coach.
  2. Q&A. Your chance to ask your coach any questions regarding your performance nutrition program.
  3. Every call your coach will teach you about some aspect of performance nutrition so you’ll be better able to understand the affects your nutrition has on your body. (Example: Hydration, Protein Absorption, Glycogen Depletion, What Supplements to Take, etc.)

Text Message Coaching

Need an answer that can’t wait until your next scheduled Coach’s Nutrition Chalk Talk? Text message coaching gives you a direct line to your coach to get the answers you need fast. Elite level hockey is demanding and often times things change quickly and we must adjust our nutrition on the fly. Whether it’s a question about food choices at a particular restaurant, changes to your meal plan based on game times, you name it, text message coaching is there for you when you need it.

Game Day Meal Plans

Game day nutrition varies from your regular daily meal plan in that we place more emphasis on nutrient timing and macro nutrient ratios to maximize your performance for game time as well as optimizing your recovery post game.  Your coach will provide you with a custom meal plan based on your game day schedule.

Tournament Meal Plans

Tournament time is the most intense and demanding time nutritionally for an elite hockey athlete. Often times your playing multiple games in the same day and on back to back days which requires exact nutrient timing and exact macro nutrient ratios for proper recovery to take place. Without recovery you can forget about performance. Once you have your tournament schedule, your coach will give you a custom meal plan taking into account game times, travel schedule, food options etc. that will maximize your recovery and performance for the entire tournament.

Family Plan Account

A great support system is critical to an elite athlete’s success. Having the people who immediately surround you participating in a healthy nutrition plan drastically improves your results as well as keeping your loved ones healthy. A family plan account allows a parent, sibling or significant other to get their own Evolution Nutrition Management account where they can choose from thousands of pre made meal plans in dozens of different categories based on their needs and health goals. Some example categories include: Keto, Paleo, Mediterranean, etc. The Family Plan even includes a modified Coach’s Nutrition Chalk Talk appointment geared toward your specific goals. (Weight loss, gaining muscle, increased energy, etc.)

Custom Programs

Have specific needs or requirements not listed here? Need a program for your entire team? Want us to come to your rink for a Performance Nutrition seminar? You name it…we can accommodate most requests.